Yes, I make custom orders! And custom orders make great gifts!

If you'd like a custom quilt made just for you, please click the e-mail link below to send me a message.
Answer the following questions so that I can best meet your needs and tastes.

Your preferences:

For art quilts:
What approximate size would you like (length and width)?
What colors do you like?
Describe where you want to hang your quilt (a photo of the space would be even better!)

For paintings with quilts:
What size would you like?
Is there a special photo you would like me to use? 
Is there a quilt square that you like?
What colors do you like?

For fabric mosaics:
What side would you like?
Is there a special photo you would like me to use? 
If you want an abstract mosaic, what colors do you like?

For necklaces:
What colors do you like?
What color beads do you like?
How long would you like it?

Other helpful information:
Are there any quilt blocks that you really like? Are there quilts on my site that you really like?
If there are, do you like the pattern or the colors in those quilts?  To help me pick fabric, what types of
interests/hobbies do you have?  Do you like flowers?  Do you like animals and if so, what kind of animals?

Also include your name, address, phone number and e-mail and I'll contact you with a price and a sample layout.


For most projects I'll need two week to complete them, except for bed-sized quilts which require 4 weeks.  This doesn't
include delivery time, and more time might be needed if you want a special fabric that needs to be ordered.  If you
want your quilt for a certain event (holiday, birthday, etc.) please let me know when you contact me.




What my customers have to say:

I wanted to thank you so much for such great work.  Everyone at my parent's home for Christmas was very impressed
with your work and the project went from something to keep warm with to a wall hanging in the family room.  
I was hopeful that the idea would be well-received but the reactions were even above my expectations!  
My parents even took the quilt with them as they visited family and friends to show it off!  I'm certainly
planning on asking you to add onto it in the coming years. Thanks again for such great work, completed in
such a quick time, for such a great price.

- Michael R.
World Travelers Quilt


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