Three Wishes
9.75" x 34"



This art quilt is made with a beautiful textured cream colored home decor fabric as the background, a dark brownish purple wrinkled taffeta that extends beyond the edge of the quilt, three shiny pink and purple squares that change color depending on the angle that you look at them, and three dark blue velvet squares that have hints of green and purple when the light hits them a certain way.

It has a wool batting and is quilted with wavy horizontal lines on the background fabric using two different colors of purple thread and the pink and purple squares have extra batting behind them and are quilted with a square spiral design.

The outside edge of the of the quilt was sewn around a few times to finish the edges. The top and bottom edges are frayed and fringy.

Comes with a hanging sleeve and rod, ready to hang on a single nail.

This quilt was created for the Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 4, Print Publications.

To read more about this quilt, visit my blog.

Here are some close up photos.



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