not even the rain: a love poem
19" x 26"   NFS

Six mini quilts ranging in size from 8" x 5.5" to 9" x 7" are joined together with beads and feature flowers and leaves. I added 2 stanzas from the love poem "somewhere i have never travelled" by e.e. cummings.

The top two mini quilts with the poem; ginko leaves and the added words "My love" and "My life."

The middle two mini quilts with clover, a light blue sheer ribbon and a metal heart charm; blue flowers and a thick, dark blue glass heart.

The bottom two mini quilts with ferns, the added words "I give you my" and two hearts inside a sheer bag; a rose bud with a green sheer ribbon and a key.

This quilt was awarded second place in
Project Quilting, Season 2, Challenge 3, Be My Valentine.

To read more about this quilt, visit my blog.

Here is a close up photo.


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