Gypsy Moon
30" x 37.5"   NFS


This art quilt features 55 3" squares of fabric including velvet, satin, silk, and shiny denim, all in deep purples and rich reds. Some of the squares have red or black silk ribbons appliqued on top. A few squares have a sheer fabric over the original fabric.

The lower part of the quilt is a beautiful batik that features the colors used in the quilt and has several pieces of yarn couched on top, with some of the yarn hanging beyond the bottom part of the quilt.

The swash in the middle of the quilt, and the moon below it, are made from a shiny, peachy taffeta fabric with long, curving quilting lines overlapped each other with a plum colored thread.
Comes with a hanging sleeve and rod, ready to hang on a single nail.

Here are some close up photos.


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