Dayton Landmark Quilts
17.5"w x 42"h (each)

The "Dayton Landmark Redux," the second series of slice quilts, will be exhibited in the Dayton area for the next year. Check my "Shows" page to find out where you can see them in person.


These quilts were made by members of the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network
and featured six Dayton landmarks. We worked from photos that were
divided into slices with each quilter taking a piece (or two). They were exhibited
in the Dayton area during 2012.


These are the two slices that I worked on.
Sacred Heart Church, slice 1 (left) and Skyline, slice 6 (right).

To read more about this artwork, visit my blog:

Here are some close up photos.


Dayton Landmark Quilts Redux
17"w x 42"h (each)

In 2013 we decided to make another series of Dayton Landmark Slice Quilts.

This is the slice that I worked on, Industrial Dayton. To read more visit my blog. Here are some close up photos.



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